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Take Advantage Of Free Tips For Household Repair

Right now there are several repairs going on in my house. That’s ok; it’s just a bit noisy. Sometimes there are seasons for repair, and this is one of them. I had to take some time to figure out what repairs were going to be absolutely necessary so we could budget for them. That required setting up a budget for and assessing a septic tank pumping cost and tree removal cost. Of the two, the septic tank pumping cost was more expensive, but we decided it was critical and needed to get done. As Read more […]

Make The Most Of Parenting Your Young Children

Raising a 5, 7, and 10-year old has been an exciting experience. Each of my children has a unique personality and attitude that makes life interesting and unique. My eldest child is a girl, with a spicy attitude and lots of pizazz. When I was pregnant with her I was convinced she was a boy because of the way she kicked, and used to hiccup in my womb. She came out kicking and screaming, with a full head of hair. She is very much the leader of the pack, always gathering people together, uniting Read more […]

Advice To Parents About Schooling

My children have always been enthusiastic about schooling. I have a diverse group of friends with children that are vastly different ages. Some are very young, newborns even. I have other friends, whose children are 18 years old, ready to head off to college for the first year. My very best friend’s daughter is in her second year of college, and now that she is finishing up her general education requirements, she has to decide on her major. While my children are still enjoying studies about colonial Read more […]